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Picture of Marine Broker Shane Lilge.

Broker: Shane Lilge
Province/State: BC
Country: Canada

Listings from this broker:

-> 10 Shrimp Trawlers-> 125' Cargo Vessel-> 2-CREW 35M-> 215' Geared Cargo-> 26.10 Jet Boat
-> 31.10 Jet Boat-> 32m Catamaran - MVB-> 4035 CREW 1-> 4035 Crew 2-> 42m Fast Cat - NHP
-> 64' Hatteras-> 75' Tour Boat-> 8500 BC-NB1-> 90' Camcraft-> AHT-NB-II
-> AHT-NB-III-> AHTS-5920-> AHTS-6000 61M-> AHTS-6000 61M-2-> AHTS-9600
-> AP12 - Patrol-> ASD-H2 30M-> ATS-CB-26-> B38K-Crew-> Beam Trawler - 35.93m
-> Beam Trawler - 38.75-> Bellcraft 55-> Bellcraft 55 #2-> Blue Sky-> Cargo CA-166
-> Cat Barge 100F-> Cat Crew 32MS-> CAT Crew-Cargo 25m-> CAT PAX-Cargo 38m-> Cat-Crew 120F
-> CatPax 33m-> CB-40-> CC65-PAX-> Charter Cat 54-> Cheetah
-> Clipper IV-> Crew Boat 33.60M-1-> Crew Boat 33.60M-2-> Crew Boat 33.60M-3-> Crew Boat 33.60M-4
-> Crew Boat 39 PAX-> Crew Boat 47M-> Crew-Pilot 65-> Cutter P26-> D89 Luxury Yacht
-> Day Catamaran J37-> Daypax 13.64m-> Daypax 14.08m-> DayPax 23.70m-> DC-116
-> DCB-2000-> DCSW-> Decom Trawler TX21-> Dinner Cruiser-> Dinner Cruiser - 31m
-> DMA-OSV 180-> Ebine Maru-> Evolution 22.50 - SK-> Fast Cat-> Fast Crew 34m-1
-> Fast Crew 34m-2-> Fast Crew 34m-3-> Fast Crew 34m-4-> Fleet of 6 Trawlers-> Floating Hotel
-> FoilCat 2900-> Freezer Trawler 44.71-> FRPAX-> FSIV 46M-> FST-39.19
-> FTDB 1-> FTDB 2-> Gale Warning-> GM Hustler-> H1 340P Charter
-> Harbor Tug SD-104-> Harbor Tug SR-94-> Hayate No. 11-> HB-180F-> HMOS 42.75M
-> HP-Work 12.02-> HS-TS Charter-> HSC FM40.2-> HSC ISP46-> HSC SA40.2
-> HSC U24-> HSPC 1-> Hydrofoil - 21m-> Hydrofoil - Unit 1-> Hydrofoil - Unit 2
-> Hydrofoil - Unit 3-> Ice Class - Multipurpose Yacht-> Ice Tug 32.09m-> JCREW-> K-PAX 86
-> KD45 Charter-> KPAX 200-> LCT Sea Lord-> LCT-A 54M-> LCT-E 45M
-> LCT-ES 45M-> LCT-R1-> LCT-R2-> LCT-R3-> LCT-R4
-> LCT-R5-> LK-165-> M Cruise 188-> Mary L-> MDN-28.77M
-> ME-Crew 12.20-> Mobile Galley-> MOSV 1-> MP Crew 21m-> MP Supply 37.5M
-> MP-S 53.7M-> MS Cruise 127-> MSF 5-> MVR 33-> NB Barge-365
-> NB Crew - 12M-> NB TUG 25m-1-> NB-AHT 42-> NB-USV1-45M-> New Marine Electronics Package
-> Northern Star 50-> NPAX-76-> O40-Crew-> OB-31M-> Ocean Tug - YO
-> Ocean Tug 29M-> OK-Tug 65F-> OLV-24M-> OSV-MG-100-> OSV-U 38
-> P-TBN-> Pacific Pride-> Patonga III-> PAX Cat 33.6m-> PAXCAR 1
-> PAXCAR 2-> PAXCAR 4-> PCS 1-> PCV 1-> PCV 2
-> PCV 3-> PCV 4-> Pearl 50 Flybridge-> Pearl 55 Flybridge-> Pearl 60 Flybridge
-> PEM-65-> Pocket Cruiser 188-> PS-MP OSV-> PSG-1-> PSG-2
-> PSG-3-> PSG-4-> PSG-5-> PSG-6-> PSG-7
-> PSG-8-> PSK-1-> PSS-1-> Queen of Diamonds-> Reefer - Cargo Vessel
-> Reel Time-> Restaurant Ship-> RGC 77.60-> ROPAX 11-> ROPAX 17
-> ROPAX 10-> ROPAX 12-> ROPAX 13-> ROPAX 14-> ROPAX 15
-> ROPAX 16-> ROPAX 18-> ROPAX 19-> ROPAX 20-> ROPAX 21
-> ROPAX 22-> ROPAX 23-> ROPAX 24-> ROPAX 25-> ROPAX 26
-> ROPAX 27-> ROPAX 28-> ROPAX 29-> ROPAX 30-> ROPAX 5
-> ROPAX 6-> ROPAX 7-> ROPAX 8-> ROPAX 9-> RORO 10
-> RORO 11-> RORO 12-> RORO 13-> RORO 14-> RORO 15
-> RORO 16-> RORO 17-> RORO 18-> RORO 19-> RORO 3
-> RORO 5-> RORO 6-> RORO 7-> RORO 8-> RORO 9
-> RR Schooner-> RTB1-28M-> RTB2-31.5M-> RTB3-31.5M-> RTB4-32M
-> RTB5-28.5M-> S-SWASH 39.3-> SC2 41.57-> SC22 28M-> SD-OSV 192
-> Sea Ark-> Sea Friend 3-> Seaflight-I-> Seaflight-II-> SF 110
-> SF1360-A-> SG31 Catamaran-> SL-160-> SS-OSV 155-> Standby VA-53
-> Standby Vessel 55.25A-> Standby VSF-54M-> SW-FiFi Tug 30-> Tanker 1-> Tanker 2
-> Tortola Fast Ferry-> Towing Tug CM-22-> Towing Tug S-29-> TP Schooner-> Transam Express
-> TS-OSV 185-> TTK 34.35-> Tug Z-44m-> Unit 1 TBN-> Unit 2 TBN
-> Unit 3 TBN-> Unit 4 TBN-> Unit 5 TBN-> VIPAX-> Wave Piercer - 22.20m
-> Wave Piercer - GC65-> Waverider-> WPC-> WS-80
If you are selling a boat:
Please contact us if you are considering selling a vessel. We are happy to discuss all your questions, concerns or needs.
This is a no hassle, no stress and totally free conversation and consultation.

If you are buying a boat:
Get in touch and let us know if you have a specific type of vessel in mind, have seen something you want or are uncertain
what would be good for you. We are always interested in discussing boats! If you haven't seen what you want on our website
it may be in our offline portfolio or we know who would have it.

If you are looking for an independent professional to work with you on a deal or help in negotiations with another party we
are more than able to help.

If you are a marine professional:
If you can take a minute - let us know about yourself or your business. We continuously strive to build strong,
trustworthy and mutually beneficial relationships with skilled and knowledgeable professionals from all parts of the world.

Our agents and worldwide associates have experience with boat sales and charters of all types that from small pleasure
boats to large commercial ships. We hope that we can work with you to become our next satisfied client.

Featured Boats, Ships and Yachts for Sale or Charter

Cat Crew 32MS
thumb_485_32m-catamaran-crew-1.jpg - Aluminum Catamaran Crew Boats for Sale.
Sister Catamaran Crew Boats.

Accommodation Barge - 100P
thumb_515_accommodation-barge-100-pax-01.jpg - 100 Person Accommodation Barge - Port Side
100 Person Accommodation Barge / Crew Quarters.

Ice Class - Multipurpose Yacht
thumb_315_conv_yacht_1.jpg - - Boats for Sale - Picture
Can Be Used for Work or Pleasure - Exc Price!

thumb_494_ahts-offshore-vessel-1.jpg - Used AHTS Vessel for Sale.
72t BP Anchor Handling Tug.
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