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BoatLength (OA) x BeamSetupAskingPrice StatusLocated

thumb_509_fast-swath-crew-boat-1.jpg - Cat-Crew 120F
36.45m x 13.35m
N/A (USD)Inquire
High speed offshore crew boat, 120' x 44' aluminum catamaran hull with SWATH design, built in USA 1998, seating for 250 passengers, accommodations for 6, air conditioned, secondary deck cargo with 205 lbs per square foot load, up to 22 lt capacity in lieu of passengers, speeds up to 30 knots, proven platform in working conditions, ABS classed.
thumb_493_fast-crewboats-1.jpg - 2-CREW 35M
34.9m x 6.46m
$825,000.00 (USD)
Price Range
Sister aluminum crew boats, built in 1986, 88 passengers + 2 VIP passengers, 48 m2 clear deck space with 10 tons load, crew accommodations, air conditioned throughout, FiFi equipped, 27 knot full speed, twin GM 16v 149 TI's, BV classed, trading and ready for prompt delivery.
thumb_487_aluminum-crew-boat-1.jpg - OB-31M
31m x 6.4m
$450,000.00 (USD)Price RangeFar East
Aluminum hull crew boat built in Singapore 1985, twin MWM's with 595 BHP each, 18 knots, seating for 50 passengers, air conditioned, 35 m2 clear deck space, GL classed. Two sisters available.
thumb_485_32m-catamaran-crew-1.jpg - Cat Crew 32MS
32m x 9.9m
$11,000,000.00 (USD)Southwest Asia
New aluminum catamaran crew boats, built in 2004 Australia but never used commercially, service contract feel through while underway to job, currently stored in dry dock, 132 PAX, 10 crew, twin Caterpillar 3412 E's with 29 knot laden service speed, to be ABS classed.
thumb_484_aluminum-crew-boat-1.jpg - OLV-24M
24.05m x 5.93m
$870,000.00 (USD)
Used aluminum hull crew boat, built in United States 1985, ABS classed, 33 passengers, 550 square foot of deck area with 15 metric ton load.
thumb_482_aluminum-crew-boat-2.jpg - PEM-65
19.81m x 16.2m
$385,000.00 (USD)West Coast, North America
65' aluminum crew boat, built 1967 in the US, 46 passenger capacity, accommodations for 2 with full galley, tow bitt, crane for supply handling, full perimeter tire bumper, GMC 12v71 naturals, 15 knot speed.
thumb_476_aluminum_crew_boat-1.jpg - ME-Crew 12.20
12.2m x 4.06m
$550,000.00 (USD)
Built in 2003, aluminum hull, twin Cat 3126 B's with Hamilton 322 Water Jets, approx 21 knot service speed, 23 passengers with 2 crew, fully air conditioned, BV classed.
thumb_472_fast-crew-support-vessel-1.jpg - FSIV 46M
45.75m x 9.1m
$6,250,000.00 (USD)Indonesia to Singapore area.
Multipurpose offshore vessel, fast support intervention vessel, crew boat, supply ship, 27 knots, airline seating for 162, complete electronics, fire fighting, 200 ton deck load, quad MTU's and much more.
thumb_460_aluminum_crew_boat-ga.jpg - ATS-CB-26
25.91m x 6.1m
$1,050,000.00 (USD)
Off Market
Estimated Price
Aluminum crew boat, built by Aluminum Boats Inc. in 1991, 50 passengers, 36' x 18' clear deck space, 15 ton deck load, twin 12v71 TI's, ABS classed.
thumb_455_aluminum_patrol_boats-4.jpg - AP12 - Patrol
18m x 4.3m
¥37,000,000.00 (JPY)
Sister patrol vessels, built 1999, 25 knots on twin Isuzu's, aluminum hull, 12 passengers and 2 crew, ready to go. Price is per vessel, en bloc sale may be possible.
thumb_450_65_foot_88_pax-25.JPG - CC65-PAX
19.81m x 6.1m
$175,000.00 (USD)
Estimated PriceSouthern United States, Gulf of Mexico
Day passenger ferry, 148 passenger up to 20 miles or 88 passengers up to 100 miles, Lugger engines.
thumb_449_used_fast_crew_boat.jpg - Fast Crew 34m-4
34m x 7.85m
Far East.
Aluminum high speed crew boat, BV classed, 3 x Cummins KTA 38-M2's restricted for economy, fixed pitch props, 40 tonnes deck capacity, 14.2 x 5.4 meters clear deck space, 50 passengers plus accommodations for 8 crew and 2 for owners or hospital, two station with fire fighting equipment. Note: This kind of vessel is highly sought after. Do not hestiate! Prices are increasing due to demand and they will be sold out from under you if do not act fast.
thumb_436_aluminum_fast_crew_boat-1.jpg - Fast Crew 34m-3
34m x 7.85m
Aluminum high speed crew boat, 1 of 3 sister ships, available en bloc or individually, charter options available. built over 2005 to 2006, BV classed, 3 x Cummins KTA 38 M2's, 25 knots cruise, 35 knots max, prop driven, 13.4 x 6 meters deck space, 40 tonnes of deck cargo, up to 70 passengers plus 8 crew and 2 owners, 10 berths. Note: 1 of the sisters is sold other vessels have multiple interested parties. They will not last much longer.
thumb_425_diving_support_crew-1.jpg - MP Crew 21m
21.3m x 5.34m
€400,000.00 (EUR)French Med Coast.
Multipurpose fiberglass supply / diving support / crew / pilot boat, 23 knots top end, extensive updates in 2005, accommodations for 8, all electronics replaced in 2005.
thumb_420_aluminum_fast_crew_boat-1.jpg - Fast Crew 34m-2
34m x 7.85m
Aluminum high speed crew boat, 1 of 3 sister ships available individually or en bloc, BV classed, 3 Cummins KTA 38 M2's, prop driven, 13.4 x 6 meters deck space, 40 tonnes of deck cargo, 70 passengers plus 8 crew and 2 owners, 10 berths for accommodations. Please note: 1 of the sisters has sold. Remaining two have multiple interested parties. These boats will not last much longer.
thumb_414_aluminum_fast_crew_boat-2.jpg - Fast Crew 34m-1
34m x 7.85m
Note: 1 of the 3 sister is sold, others have multiple parties interested - all will be gone soon. Aluminum high speed crew boat, 1 of 3 sister ships available individually or en bloc, BV classed, 3 Cummins KTA 38 M2's, prop driven, 13.4 x 6 meters deck space, 40 tonnes of deck cargo, 70 passengers plus 8 crew and 2 owners, 10 berths for accommodations.
thumb_413_fast_catamaran_ferry-1.jpg - CAT PAX-Cargo 38m
38.8m x 9.44m
Open to OffersNorway
Fast catamaran combination boat, 167 passengers, 60 m3 insulated cargo area, stern ramp with space for 3 cars, 35 knot service speed, aluminum hull, very good condition.
thumb_410_cat_crew_cargo-1.jpg - CAT Crew-Cargo 25m
25.75m x 9m
Combination passenger / cargo fast catamaran, 60 passengers, stern ramp, 30 ton deck space, 8 cars, 28 knots. If you are serious about a fast crew boat with cargo capabilities do not hestitate on this vessel.
thumb_407_13m-Crew-Transfer-Boat.png - NB Crew - 12M
13.1m x 3.9m
$250,000.00 (USD)FIRMIndonesia.
New build aluminum crew, pilot/transfer, utility boat. Currently in production, expected for delivery early Feb 2007. Being built as a 20 passenger transfer vessel but can be reduce to 12 passenger with deck space. 25 knot service speed, built to BKI class using Australian plans and aluminum alloy.
thumb_397_crew_boats_sale-1.jpg - Crew Boat 33.60M-4
33.6m x 6.1m
Steel crew boat, built 1980, accommodations for 8 crew, air conditioned, 17 knot service speed, 78 square meters deck space, twin GM 16v149 TI's. Sisterships available, see: Sister 1 and Sister 2
  36 listings meet your search criteria.  Viewing   1 - 20  
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