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BoatLength (OA) x BeamSetupAskingPrice StatusLocated

thumb_292_r3-3.jpg - RORO 3
37.19m x 12.19m
InquireSouthern USA
thumb_329_2.JPG - RORO 5
44m x 9.5m
$300,000.00 (USD)Estimated PriceJapan
thumb_330_PAXCAR 6.jpeg - RORO 6
63.09m x 18.9m
$300,000.00 (USD)Estimated PricePacific NorthWest, Washington.
thumb_408_ropax_for_sale-1.jpg - ROPAX 21
63.73m x 17.15m
N/A (USD)Open to OffersGreece
thumb_394_ropax_ferry-22.jpg - ROPAX 19
68.6m x 13.41m
$550,000.00 (USD)
East Coast, Canada
300+ Roll-On Roll-Off passenger ferry, 55 cars, Ice class, built in 1966 and rebuilt in 1990, bow and stern thrusters installed, 13 knot cruise, requires work to re-class.
thumb_376_ropax_cargo_for_sale-1.jpg - ROPAX 11
71m x 15m
Sale Pending
230' x 50' ROPAX built in 2000, 400 passengers, 132,057 Grain/Bail, 17 knots service speed, ready to go.
thumb_386_fast_ferry_ropax_for_sale-4.jpg - ROPAX 17
73.6m x 26m
N/A (USD)Open to OffersKorea
High speed wave piercing day ROPAX catamaran ferry, aluminum hull, built 1993, Incat designed and built, 592 passengers, up to 88 vehicles.
thumb_514_wave-piercing-cat-ropax.jpg - ROPAX 30
73.86m x 26m
N/A (EUR)InquireMediterranean
1991 high speed wave piercing catamaran day passenger RORO, 30 to 32 knots service speed, 395 lane meters, approx 90 cars, 600 pax total inside/out, 450 inside.
thumb_401_ROPAX_ferry-4.jpg - ROPAX 20
75.25m x 14.4m
N/A (EUR)InquireGreece
Day passenger ferry, 1000 summer PAX, 600 winter, 116 cars, stern ramp, built 1999, 14 knots, good condition.
thumb_512_ropax-28-fast-passenger-ferry-catamaran-3.jpg - ROPAX 28
78.6m x 23m
N/A (USD)InquireMediterranean
Austal built catamaran fast ferry, built 1996, 4 x Ruston 16V with 4 KaMeWa 100SII water jets, 575 passengers, 112 vehicles, 35 knot service speed, BV class.
thumb_513_high-speed-catamaran-passenger-roro-1.jpg - ROPAX 29
82.3m x 23m
N/A (EUR)InquireMediterranean
1996 Austal high speed catamaran RORO passenger ferry, 32 to 36 knots service speed, 768 passengers, 850 lane meters (200 cars), GL class.
thumb_385_fast_ropax_ferry_1.jpg - ROPAX 16
95m x 17.2m
Off Market
25 knot, high speed monohull day passenger and car ferry, built in 1996, aluminum hull, 600 passengers, 160 sedans and 12 trucks.
thumb_453_high_speed_pax_roro-1.jpg - ROPAX 25
95.2m x 14.6m
N/A (USD)InquireMediterranean
1995 high speed aluminum day ferry, 590 passengers, 320 lanemeters for cars or trucks, 31.5 knots on 4 Caterpillars, BV class.
thumb_454_ropax-26-starboard-high-speed-ferry.jpg - ROPAX 26
100m x 17.1m
N/A (USD)InquireMediterranean.
1997 high speed aluminum day ferry, 800 passengers, approx 175 cars, 38 knots service speed on 4 Rustons, RINA class.
thumb_294_se1.jpg - PAXCAR 4
101.75m x 14.5m
N/A (EUR)Inquire
thumb_500_high-speed-day-ropax-1.jpg - ROPAX 27
103.55m x 14.5m
N/A (EUR)Inquire
1995 High speed day passenger ferry, aluminum hull, 34 knots, seating for 550, 150 cars on three decks, 103 meters x 14.5 meters, foil assisted with Kamewa jets driven by four MTU's at 6,000 KW each.
thumb_338_ROPAX-9-1.jpg - ROPAX 9
112.47m x 16.78m
thumb_412_fast_ferry_ropax-5.jpg - ROPAX 22
113.45m x 16.5m
N/A (USD)Inquire
Monohull fast ferry, 39 knot service speed, 880 passengers, 200 cars, built in 2000.
thumb_317_wdock1.jpg - ROPAX 5
118.96m x 20.6m
N/A (USD)Inquire
thumb_337_ROPAX-8-2.jpg - ROPAX 8
122.88m x 19.4m
N/A (EUR)InquireItaly
  33 listings meet your search criteria.  Viewing   1 - 20  
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